Monday, 16 January 2017

"Story of Tublu" novel review

I used to read Jahid Akhtar's blog for a long time and enjoyed his selective write-up each time.Surely he has a skill to make his reader for a quite while on his blog.Such an interesting weaving of a perspective into an exciting read.Perhaps it compels him to tell a tale in detail.That's right ,he heard his call in time.Without some dashing spirit,how could you show your own mettle in the track..?I firstly appreciate the author Jahid Akthar for his candid and spectacular view of life,that's too down to earth.No doubt, all the story poured like a streamline in emotion and with right precisions. That's why when the reader starts reading ,he never thought of giving it up on any excuse.That means he perfected himself in telling a story in his own right.Definitely,he will be having a good future on the line.

Well, let's come to the story,It starts in a remote place of Assam and scaled many places of India and abroad.It was having all emotions like childhood memories,getting a victory against the odds,Having the childhood sweetheart at last and this is all about the story in a nutshell.But the author tried his best to maintain grip over the story with many twists and suspense sequences.Here and there you will get some hot scenes in the novels ,especially college days of hero Tublu and Maina..the heroine.

We understand the humane of Sharmas to welcome the destitute and flood hit Tuvalu family and how the latter encourages the Father and son as their own one  and how they got bondage with them and gave back their  emotional return for Sharmas turned a tale and surging gratitude.It seems now and then backfired with unnecessary words and scenes.But by coming to an end, The suspense and racy style haunt you like anything,yet, The writer needs something in addition that was well known to him. 

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