Sunday, 22 January 2017

Yadavs vs Brahmins in Telugu States

Don't go along that there was a big fight between Yadavs and Brahmins yet, politically and socially no chance for that in the Telugu speaking states.But one discourse delivered by spiritual speaker, Mr.Chaganti Koteswara Rao made ripples in Telugu folks.Apparently ChaganTi belonged to a Telugu Brahmin caste and he made obvious derogatory remarks that Sri Krishna had born in the Yadava community  who do not know how to clean their bodies properly,exactly the remarks flared up Yadavs in Telugu states. Contemplation started to make police complaints against Chaganti.And he came to compromise on the subject.

Many organizations of the community came forward  to condemn the outrageous comments.Facebook staged for both communities to support their own stands.For Telugu readers it has become an entertainment topic.Of course, so many days after, a topic to elevate to gain mileage for their own ends.All this happened a couple of days back and the topic remains open for all ,still now.In fact.both in Telugu states,Andhra and Telangana ,we can not see much say of Brhamins but all the political and financial domination rests with Shudra castes like Kammas,Reddys and Velamas.

Remaining are at second fiddle in all matters.But each caste has its own consciousness to stand by when they matter in a particular situation,That's why a lot of hullabaloo scattered all over,Social media,blogs all those fill up with their own lots of opinions.Particularly Telugu society heated up with the matter.Though Chaganti featured in youtube placating  Yadav caste leaders ,the ordinary folk remain as anger as they were before.In fact,Chaganti, is an employee of the Central government (FCI) and keep delivering lectures in the name of Sanatana dharma. Is not sign of devoid of his own secular dharma..?!! Being an employee of the government , should he deserve delivering lectures like this..?

Now this is the principal question rounding all over in the both states..!!!

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