Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ernest Hemingway

This time liked to choose Ernest Hemingway for letter E. I have read his novella the old man and the sea recently.Heard much about, but having gone through, it was altogether different.The American writer received the characters from his life experience.Santiago ,the old man by the work a fisherman,living his life as it comes to him. but his grit and decisive spirit displayed when things demanded.Ernest Hemingway set the story in Cuban landscape.The boy accompanied to the old man ,of course,in a few scenes backed up in keeping the story intact,especially first and last pages were very interesting.The boy seemed to be,age wise, his grand kid yet behaved like a friend.

After getting into the sea , the old man kept transacting with flying birds,sardines and other creatures,it was just like talking to every creature he encountered.His steadiness  was appreciable even though when losing his captured fish to the sharks.He thought of olden days wherein his physical strength inspired to his present condition,it's interesting knowing his obsession with small fish.He used to chew them in the sea,when he felt hunger.Ambiance on the terrace,baits,lines,other fishing related jargon were well observed by the writer.Style was simple to understand,But there was some beauty in his tale telling.

With minimum of characters,the book has some innovative spirit.Glorious concept has been taken to uphold the human effort,central theme can be summed up so.Everything about it was simple and intriguing.The fish would become a friend first and lost its life in fighting.Even sharks made things further worse.By the time getting to the shore,no meat was there and the fish became useless.That makes us sad,because his toiling went unfulfilled.Yet he never gives up by thinking his next destination at African lions field.

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  1. I haven't read Hemingway in a very long time. I guess it's time to read an old Classic.

  2. I know of him but not that much, thank you for your information about this person

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  3. I have not read that one but I have actually taught several of his novels to my students. He was a great writer!

    abcw team

  4. interesting guy. my great uncle was named Ernest.

  5. Great write and fascinating life ~ wonderful choice for E

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Week ~ ^_^