Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Why political corruption not a big issue for people..?

In our country, everybody seems to hate corruption.Go through any paper,we can see the news regarding it.Employees of various departments,be it of central government or state government.The accused officers were being interrogated by ACB or other ones for amassing disproportionate  assets were seen in the newspapers.I note it keenly,all the assets recovered or found could have been hardly some 5 or 6 crores of rupees and a little bit higher in some cases.Of course it could be of some thousands or hundreds ironically.Bribe is bribe,crime is crime irrespective of amount whether it is big or small.That's fair.It should be done without mercy.They have to be crushed and condemned.

It's not my problem.A big doubt ,always dogged me.Why this activism not performed against political people,they could be of any party.People know their corruption .Everybody discusses openly in the hotels,centers and other places.Why no one go to ACB or any other to complain it..?You don't have to go anywhere else,just  see persons around your place,one political activist starts his life with barely  hand to mouth,once he got elected as corporator simply he spins lakhs of rupees in a couple of years.sometimes crores.No doubt.Once he becomes MLA, within 5 years of time,he earns hundreds of crores.

What to say about ministers and Chief Ministers ..? Some thousands of crores are their earning evidently seen in various forms Properties in the name of benamies.Even people afraid of them to complain against them though they knew it very well.Sometimes opposition party try to fix them in the part of political game,all these will be loosen when deals set right in favour.Both big parties need each other.They have power alternately.So safe game is played for their ends.

See late Jayalalitha,who was being praised by people with many great names amassed the gold,wealth and other properties in large quantity,whose is this,the common people's.But people have kindness to forgive it.Sasikala now became the caretaker of all those assets by God's play.This is only one incident,come to others,take Chandrababu Naidu,he possessed only two acres of land when he entered the politics,go and ask any bypasser in Andhra,you will be awe to know the worth of his assets in India and aabroad.Jagan too no exception.Worse to all is they have chain of medias to make their propaganda.

Not only down south,go to any state in North,situation is the same.political corruption is growing leaps and bounds.People also tolerating it as a common issue,not seen as a serious one.Corruption worth small amounts are highlighted and getting jailed occasionally.But political corruption worth larger sums neglected.Even in case jailed,happily come out from jails and courts to enjoy the plundered money.And their sons and daughters get powered with this colossal amount of money to ridicule the spirit of democracy.

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