Saturday, 5 August 2017

Spirit of Telangana to be rejuvenated

The statehood of Telangana came true with the collective efforts of its people and now the time is perfect for all set to uphold our own dialect , culture  and expressive art forms.Poets have to play a vital role in the  task by portraying the very soul of Telangana, uttered renowned poet and chief guest Naleswaram Sankaram at the poets' meet held at Kothagudem,organised by Telangana Jagruti.

A unique celebration  has been started in the memory of Prof.Jaya Shankar and Kaloji as to conduct poets' meet right from 2nd august to 9th september in each district of the state on different dates to propagate  the essence of the culture among the people.The platform ,this time,set  for poets to elevate different walks of life such as childhood,Local Arts,Landscapes and handi-crafts etc.

More than 50 poets participated in the event.Naveenachary,State president of Telangan Jagruti presided over the  meet and Jwalitha,poet convened the poetry  recital.Organised by Gunti Sundar,Malleswari and othrs.Mayasri,Dilavar,Tulasi das,Dr.Tirupathi,Allamraju,Durgachary,Bhairi Indira,Kakora and other ones gave out their contribution in the form of poems.On the whole,1500 poets are expected to get in to the do statewide and a  collection of the poems in  the pipeline.  

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