Sunday, 13 August 2017

Writer is eternal : Let's talk about Manoj Das

How I started my journey with Manoj Das...yes it was obscure to remember but  not impossible.Those were the days studying my degree during 1984-87 roughly.Picked up a book  from our college library That was about Aurobindo published by Sahitya academy.The name as author was seen as Manoj Das.I don't know why I felt so special seeing that name on the first cover page.Even there was no photo of him.

After so many years,in the spree of my travel frenzy ,happened to be at Bhubaneswar.Visited many architectural wonders in the city including Lingaraj temple,Raja rani temple and Kedareswar temple etc.I don't know if there was any other state capital with that kind of wonderful architectural beauty.Why it remain so less popular with all these unique features,still wondered.

South India,Rajasthan and Orissa these only are having its own special signature in temple architecture.Remaining  all are resounds of these original ones.I am not saying it out of some petty interests.Go and see ,you will realize the truth.Am not going to give technical details.Seeing is something different and solid.

Coming to Manoj Das ji... I got his first story collection "selected fiction by Manoj Das" from Penguin books rushed by Amazon site.Have read The misty hour,The naked,The crocodile's  day,The owl,The general and the murderer at once.And continued till the end.His selection for weaving story is simple ,yet heart touching.Just going around our premises  is the feel.Every character and its speaking so nearer to actual ones we see in real world.Lot of acumen is needed for this technique. Each story I read,make me feel his colossal world of imagination.Not only that,Orissa landscape and its customs linger at your side.

India sees many bilingual writers.But Manoj Das ji is at his prime.Succeeding in mother tongue and English is rare phenomenon in terms of creative writing.His English turns Indian friendly in every aspect.That's why we don't feel some thing outside.Have read two posts about the book of Manoj Das.And still thirsty about it.

When I am browsing on net, met the FB page of  Manoj Das  , conducted by Sameer Ranjan Das.His efforts to popularize the best of the writer is praiseworthy.Joined it at once to know more about the writer and his creations.Still,I have a desire to meet Manoj Das ji to ask some some questions like how he managed two languages to write with such wonderful impact...and his other experiences in the field. If possible, I want to translate some of his stories into Telugu,of course with his permission.

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  1. Manoj Das is a great writer. During our college days we used to read a lot of his work.