Monday, 4 December 2017

A Review on "Byomkesh Bakshi"- a spy thriller

Sometimes acting on impulse would pay off.I really did not hear much about Saradindu Bandopadhyay who wrote basically in Bengali,yet seeing the book in a stall bought this translated version to read the stories.I should admit that there was nothing to regret.And thus got acquainted with a fine story teller with his Sherlock Holmes like Byomkesh Bakshi who keeps solving mysterious happenings with his sharp intelligence and tactics.He himself called by  Satyanveshi instead of a detective.An indigenous style detective in brief.Byomkesh was assisted by Ajit.

There were seven stories in total and all are suspense thrillers.Case study evolves with real life situations.Writer Saradindu had vast knowledge about many places of India.His short stint as a Hindi film script writer had reflected in some stories.Translator Manimola Dhar did a commendable work by using apt simple language to reach out even a lay reader.Choosing suitable titles for the stories reveals her craft of translation.For instance "Rakthamukhi Neela" coined in English as The deadly diamond.Once we finished reading it,we could understand translator's prudence.

All the stories take you into their grip and no boring or unnecessary crap.Saradindu had a unique style in telling the story.Suspense,comedy and insight into things added pep.At the same time,scientific outlook was also evident in some stories.Writer by profession was a lawyer for some time,hence  he knows how to weave a criminal attitude and unravel it at the given times.Rupa Publications brought it out and this is a sure shot success with its pulsating sleuth's skills to entertain the reader.