Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Adventurers novel by Harold Robbins..!

 "The Adventurers" a gripping tale of Harold Robins,being set in fictitious Corteguay state of South America filled with unputdownable ingredients such as nail baiting suspense,twists and violence and moving melo drama.A Young Latin American state and its new ruling class were the things all about to say in the central theme.

The newly carved out state by the efforts of revolutionaries was struggling for recognition and its share of authority.Dax was the diplomat from the country and his loyalty about it was impeccable.His childhood was of brutal past as his family members were killed by so called Bandoleros.And he made to avenge it in return.

How the power makes a man of principles into a selfish and tyrannic dictator was something to ponder over.El President of Corteguay ,the ex revolutionary was the example for it.He out witted his past colleagues to consolidate his reins over the state.And went further extent to hatch the plot to end the life of his trusted friend's son.

Writer's view point about the novel was to uphold the turmoil prevailed in Latin American countries.And he had chosen a fictitious state for the purpose.Robins succeeded in getting us into the haciendas of South America and to the secretive sensual pleasures of other part of the world.

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