Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Review on " Sita-Warrior of Mithila"

Amish is known for his Shiva trilogy and with its success might have gone for Ramachandra series.The second book in the succession is Sita-Warrior of Mithila.The cover page itself indicates that Sita was portrayed in a different way in the book.A flamboyant kind.Yes,true.We see entirely a rebellion sort of character while comparing traditional one which created by Valmiki.In fact,it could be said as a mythological fiction based on Sita character.

There was an amazing point.Sita was a form of Vishnu like other important rescuers.Did you ever thought of it..? Hanuman was introduced to her before her marriage during the days of receiving education from a Gurukul.Sita is a fighter and a prudent princess.Viswamitra was the chief of Malayaputras.And he had his own secret mission.Mind boggling style of story telling.Author took up each character from Ramayana and made them queer with his own fables.

Narrative is weak,sometimes boring.If you have any respect for Ramayana,better skip it.Valmiki or any sage- poet had done some work in point of their view keeping their contemporary times.Why shouldn't we leave them to their fate instead of doing this kind of circus ..?Name it howsoever you like,it's gross injustice to the original writer.I mentioned very few in the book.Felt my money was wasted on a over-hyped useless book.

In brief, this is a broken work,neither mythological nor intriguing fiction.It's a true war, finishing the book.I don't imagine "Ravan" in offing.If  any youth of present day reads it ,let them not go away with it as a standard text of the Ramayana.Because the names in it have every chance for the slur.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Nandyal To Markapur : Some Glimpses

All these three pics were of a  journey from Nandyal to Markapur, Andhra Pradesh.Nallamala  forest range  is well known to its green exuberance and waterfalls.Of course not to say about  exotic birds and animals.My bus journey allows me to have these from the windows.You can have the glance of feeble sight  of  a long road from the branches.

In the second picture, a monkey was seeing towards the bus.The bus was moving on a height of  the hillock,road made for the vehicles.And it enables us to see enchanting overview.There were many monkeys but keep themselves busy  with their routine activities.So only one was caught  in the picture.

This  was also part of  the forest of Nallamala.With rocky mountains and greenery. A bit sad that most of the real deep forest was not on our way to behold.These areas were said to be the dens of tigers,I don't know there were any  now.Telugu movies abundantly captured the beauties of  these locations.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Writer is eternal : Let's talk about Manoj Das

How I started my journey with Manoj Das...yes it was obscure to remember but  not impossible.Those were the days studying my degree during 1984-87 roughly.Picked up a book  from our college library That was about Aurobindo published by Sahitya academy.The name as author was seen as Manoj Das.I don't know why I felt so special seeing that name on the first cover page.Even there was no photo of him.

After so many years,in the spree of my travel frenzy ,happened to be at Bhubaneswar.Visited many architectural wonders in the city including Lingaraj temple,Raja rani temple and Kedareswar temple etc.I don't know if there was any other state capital with that kind of wonderful architectural beauty.Why it remain so less popular with all these unique features,still wondered.

South India,Rajasthan and Orissa these only are having its own special signature in temple architecture.Remaining  all are resounds of these original ones.I am not saying it out of some petty interests.Go and see ,you will realize the truth.Am not going to give technical details.Seeing is something different and solid.

Coming to Manoj Das ji... I got his first story collection "selected fiction by Manoj Das" from Penguin books rushed by Amazon site.Have read The misty hour,The naked,The crocodile's  day,The owl,The general and the murderer at once.And continued till the end.His selection for weaving story is simple ,yet heart touching.Just going around our premises  is the feel.Every character and its speaking so nearer to actual ones we see in real world.Lot of acumen is needed for this technique. Each story I read,make me feel his colossal world of imagination.Not only that,Orissa landscape and its customs linger at your side.

India sees many bilingual writers.But Manoj Das ji is at his prime.Succeeding in mother tongue and English is rare phenomenon in terms of creative writing.His English turns Indian friendly in every aspect.That's why we don't feel some thing outside.Have read two posts about the book of Manoj Das.And still thirsty about it.

When I am browsing on net, met the FB page of  Manoj Das  , conducted by Sameer Ranjan Das.His efforts to popularize the best of the writer is praiseworthy.Joined it at once to know more about the writer and his creations.Still,I have a desire to meet Manoj Das ji to ask some some questions like how he managed two languages to write with such wonderful impact...and his other experiences in the field. If possible, I want to translate some of his stories into Telugu,of course with his permission.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Our World Tuesday

Bandipur National Park is well known for its forest reserve.And for Elephants,Spotted deer,tigers and other species.Mysore is 80 k.m. away from here.On the way of Ooty,you can also come across Madu malai forest.The green exuberance all over there.We have visited the place by a taxi.

Deer and languors  were there just our wayside while traveling assumed to Ooty.Deer Comfortably having engaged in grazing.And languors were looking here and there,especially the vehicles.They must have habituated to see travelers,no signs of  frightening in them.

Got some photos from our mobiles.Had we  shot with a  digital camera, these could have been more perfect and clear to view.However , not bad I think.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Spirit of Telangana to be rejuvenated

The statehood of Telangana came true with the collective efforts of its people and now the time is perfect for all set to uphold our own dialect , culture  and expressive art forms.Poets have to play a vital role in the  task by portraying the very soul of Telangana, uttered renowned poet and chief guest Naleswaram Sankaram at the poets' meet held at Kothagudem,organised by Telangana Jagruti.

A unique celebration  has been started in the memory of Prof.Jaya Shankar and Kaloji as to conduct poets' meet right from 2nd august to 9th september in each district of the state on different dates to propagate  the essence of the culture among the people.The platform ,this time,set  for poets to elevate different walks of life such as childhood,Local Arts,Landscapes and handi-crafts etc.

More than 50 poets participated in the event.Naveenachary,State president of Telangan Jagruti presided over the  meet and Jwalitha,poet convened the poetry  recital.Organised by Gunti Sundar,Malleswari and othrs.Mayasri,Dilavar,Tulasi das,Dr.Tirupathi,Allamraju,Durgachary,Bhairi Indira,Kakora and other ones gave out their contribution in the form of poems.On the whole,1500 poets are expected to get in to the do statewide and a  collection of the poems in  the pipeline.  

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

C for chilling out

Children were enjoying being on the top of the elephant,and riding in leisure.Other visitors strolling in and around were also seeing while heading on their way.              
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Monday, 17 July 2017

Creative Work is appreciated

These nice looking bangles,earrings and necklace  all were the creation of a student named B.Jhansi,studying in class ninth at SNAM ZPSS,Narsapuram of Kothagudem district of Telengana state.The material  she used for them are of no cost and low cost sort,yet,made them gorgeous to look and wear.On asking of Under whose  tutelage which has been learnt,answered  that she had grasped the art from overseeing  the  work  done by people around their neighborhood.  

The creative work was appreciated by teachers and students as well.Encouraged to do more in the future.School in-charge Head master B.Sudhakar and  JVV activist and Maths teacher J.Padma have congratulated the child handy- craft artist on the occasion.

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Drug Racket Facts

This week turned all parents of school children of  Hyderabad  in to a dilemma as if they are really meant for studies or easy access for drugs..!Racket busted by the police revealed shocking facts.25  international schools along with 10 colleges  came up with the list of students to have used the high end drugs such as LSD and MDMA.How it was possible..? The drug dealers established perfect network around the target places.With small outlets selling other goods,drugs were being sold to the children who were mostly rich and could afford it.Parents were used to give them huge sums as pocket money.In other cases,debit and credit cards  of the parents have been used by children.

This is the first time of its kind in Hyderabad involving school children in the dope issue.Almost the number goes up to 2000.Separate helpline  was established by the police.Techies and college students are another group who were also in the habit of using the drugs.Some film people are said to be involved in this but names yet to be announced.Ten drug dealers have been  arrested so far.Calvin Mascaren , a native of Mangalore,who was working in an MNC bank  of Hyderabad was the  chief operator as  per the info of the police.The kingpin behind this racket  is yet to  probe out.

All the drug seized is about  the worth of Rs.35 lakh.Scale and size of this kind of happening is new to the pearl city.Peddlers used different techniques to attract the customers.Whatsapp group creation is one of them.Candidate who wanted the stuff would msg it in  a code language.Best of the episode is no sexual abuse is reported as of know.Let's  see how the bottom of the murky affair would appear in the coming days.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

ABC Wednesday

Yesterday was international Yoga day and  the things  have taken  up in line all over.Prime minister to School kid was busy doing asanas  to make it  successful.Stretches and twists certainly do something  to bun extra calories.But is it  the real spirit of Yoga..? There were many newly moulded  yogas such as Power yoga,Hot yoga,Bikram yoga,Sudarsana yoga,Iyengar yoga etc.,Which is the best,people could confuse several times in course of choosing  ..!

In  fact there was only one yoga, of Patnjali sage.And its sole aim is not only health but beyond it.Unfortunately  people take it its one side an deliberately ignore  other side.Anyway something is better than nothing.But one should learn  the real nuances of this fine ancient science.Hope it will not be a work of Xeroxing.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Perhaps No Poet got this Respect...!

Renowned Telugu poet Dr.C.Narayana Reddy (86)  passed away on  12 th of this month  and the last rites  being performed on 14th.Every human being bound to die,of course,if he was a poet of some worth,some dignitaries could send out condolence messages.Papers would place the news in some corner of its inner pages.But this time,in the state of Telengana, a poet named C.Narayana Reddy received a unique honor  both from the people and state government as well.

Chief minister K.Chandra sekhar Rao provided 100 buses  from all the corners of the state to pay the last respects to the deceased poet.And with his  own presence  unto the funeral pyre.Poet's admirers  came from far and wide.Like a king,the expired poet Reddy  has had his last rites.No poet got such sort of grand  death  procession  in the recent past.State government   promised his statue to erect at the Tank bund of Hyderabad.A prominent building too  to be named after him.

Dr.C.Narayana Reddy deserves all this without any second thought.His name was of a household  fame as a cinema  lyric writer.His style was  so unique  with enriching  Telugu language.Almost he penned  3500  lyrics.Not only  that,he authored 80 books in different literary techniques.His presence was a great  honor  in any literary meeting held in both Telugu states.Ghajals  were introduced  by him in Telugu.His  writings  translated  into 12 Indian languages  apart from English.

Dr.Reddy was a professor,Vice-Chancellor,Poet,Balladeer and enchanting orator.His speech  emanates the beauty of Telugu.Viswambhara,his magnum opus won prestigious  Jnaana Peeth  award in  1988.Also served as  a Rajya sabha  member.Padma Vibhushan was  received for his outstanding contribution in literature.He led many orgs for  his credit.With his demise,there was a chord of sadness stricken  in every Telugu  poetry lover.May his soul rest in peace.