Monday, 17 July 2017

Creative Work is appreciated

These nice looking bangles,earrings and necklace  all were the creation of a student named B.Jhansi,studying in class ninth at SNAM ZPSS,Narsapuram of Kothagudem district of Telengana state.The material  she used for them are of no cost and low cost sort,yet,made them gorgeous to look and wear.On asking of Under whose  tutelage which has been learnt,answered  that she had grasped the art from overseeing  the  work  done by people around their neighborhood.  

The creative work was appreciated by teachers and students as well.Encouraged to do more in the future.School in-charge Head master B.Sudhakar and  JVV activist and Maths teacher J.Padma have congratulated the child handy- craft artist on the occasion.

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Drug Racket Facts

This week turned all parents of school children of  Hyderabad  in to a dilemma as if they are really meant for studies or easy access for drugs..!Racket busted by the police revealed shocking facts.25  international schools along with 10 colleges  came up with the list of students to have used the high end drugs such as LSD and MDMA.How it was possible..? The drug dealers established perfect network around the target places.With small outlets selling other goods,drugs were being sold to the children who were mostly rich and could afford it.Parents were used to give them huge sums as pocket money.In other cases,debit and credit cards  of the parents have been used by children.

This is the first time of its kind in Hyderabad involving school children in the dope issue.Almost the number goes up to 2000.Separate helpline  was established by the police.Techies and college students are another group who were also in the habit of using the drugs.Some film people are said to be involved in this but names yet to be announced.Ten drug dealers have been  arrested so far.Calvin Mascaren , a native of Mangalore,who was working in an MNC bank  of Hyderabad was the  chief operator as  per the info of the police.The kingpin behind this racket  is yet to  probe out.

All the drug seized is about  the worth of Rs.35 lakh.Scale and size of this kind of happening is new to the pearl city.Peddlers used different techniques to attract the customers.Whatsapp group creation is one of them.Candidate who wanted the stuff would msg it in  a code language.Best of the episode is no sexual abuse is reported as of know.Let's  see how the bottom of the murky affair would appear in the coming days.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

ABC Wednesday

Yesterday was international Yoga day and  the things  have taken  up in line all over.Prime minister to School kid was busy doing asanas  to make it  successful.Stretches and twists certainly do something  to bun extra calories.But is it  the real spirit of Yoga..? There were many newly moulded  yogas such as Power yoga,Hot yoga,Bikram yoga,Sudarsana yoga,Iyengar yoga etc.,Which is the best,people could confuse several times in course of choosing  ..!

In  fact there was only one yoga, of Patnjali sage.And its sole aim is not only health but beyond it.Unfortunately  people take it its one side an deliberately ignore  other side.Anyway something is better than nothing.But one should learn  the real nuances of this fine ancient science.Hope it will not be a work of Xeroxing.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Perhaps No Poet got this Respect...!

Renowned Telugu poet Dr.C.Narayana Reddy (86)  passed away on  12 th of this month  and the last rites  being performed on 14th.Every human being bound to die,of course,if he was a poet of some worth,some dignitaries could send out condolence messages.Papers would place the news in some corner of its inner pages.But this time,in the state of Telengana, a poet named C.Narayana Reddy received a unique honor  both from the people and state government as well.

Chief minister K.Chandra sekhar Rao provided 100 buses  from all the corners of the state to pay the last respects to the deceased poet.And with his  own presence  unto the funeral pyre.Poet's admirers  came from far and wide.Like a king,the expired poet Reddy  has had his last rites.No poet got such sort of grand  death  procession  in the recent past.State government   promised his statue to erect at the Tank bund of Hyderabad.A prominent building too  to be named after him.

Dr.C.Narayana Reddy deserves all this without any second thought.His name was of a household  fame as a cinema  lyric writer.His style was  so unique  with enriching  Telugu language.Almost he penned  3500  lyrics.Not only  that,he authored 80 books in different literary techniques.His presence was a great  honor  in any literary meeting held in both Telugu states.Ghajals  were introduced  by him in Telugu.His  writings  translated  into 12 Indian languages  apart from English.

Dr.Reddy was a professor,Vice-Chancellor,Poet,Balladeer and enchanting orator.His speech  emanates the beauty of Telugu.Viswambhara,his magnum opus won prestigious  Jnaana Peeth  award in  1988.Also served as  a Rajya sabha  member.Padma Vibhushan was  received for his outstanding contribution in literature.He led many orgs for  his credit.With his demise,there was a chord of sadness stricken  in every Telugu  poetry lover.May his soul rest in peace. 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

P For Painting

In fact,the picture featured here is not a painting.But it looks like exactly a painting done by an experienced painter.With the backdrop of meandering hillocks and fluffy clouds covering them made it something special.The greenery overlooking the flowing stream is an added elegance of the landscape.Clicked it from the train,during the journey of Rayagada to Visakhapatnam.

Presenting it for ABC Wednesday.Thus it can be seen and appreciated for its beauty.The place is Rarely photographed more I have to tell you on the occasion.The hills are in the part of Eastern Ghats of India.Sprawling along  Odisha coast to Tamilnadu coast.These are amidst the both states.Very nearer to Andhra.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

N for North East Indian Composer

North East Indian states are with unique culture when compared to main stream India.Now let me introduce a singer,musician,lyricist and rock band artist Michel S Sailo belonged to North east state called Mizoram.And he was died in a bike accident on last Friday.Why it was so with North East people popular in terms of Music,sports and cool living style.Due to their external features,most of common people of rest of the country mimicked them with a few teasing names.

But in reality,North Eastern states are far better in many things such as environment cleanliness,good manners,dressing,education and so on.Hills density somewhat hindered physical facilities.One must be agreed on it. Yet tourism is picking up these days and it should be done with fast pace.Here is a song for you all which sang by the couple of Michel Sailo.Let his soul rest in peace.

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Cutting off private parts ..What kind of law..?

Today a massive rally has been taken in Manthani of Karim nagar district of Telangana state.Want to know the reason,it's a dreadful incident happened because of a love story.As it was common,a poor guy belonged to a Dalit family and an upper caste family's girl.The two fall in love and it was hated by the girl's family.Result,The 25 year old guy Madhukar found by the road with a leg crushed, side bones beaten to irrevocable and height of cruelty is his private parts found chopped off.And chilly powder in his anus.Guess what kind of barbaric death it was.

What was the reason..? Madhukar , a dalit youth fall in love with a girl where he was working as a tractor driver.This was hated by the girl's relatives and the result was his brutal death.Local police and MLA  supported the perpetrators and the death was declared as the suicide.With entering humanitarian outfits the the other side was seen by the world.How a suicidal man could crush his side bones and fill  his anus with chilly powder,furthermore chopped off his own genitals..?

We have to see the response from the government after the foray of Dalit outfits today in the incident occured place.Apparently,there was support from political circle to the Girl's side.And the village sarpanch was also belonged to TRS party that is in ruling at present.How many twists will it take God only knows..!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Beef Woes

Last friday in the district of Bhupala Pally of Telangana, a news came up with enough of controversy in terms of Beef and wild boar consumption.The news maker was none other than its district collector Mr.Akunuri Murali ,while addressing a gathering of TB awareness program he called ordinary people to consume non veg whatever possible to have without any inhibitions.He also told them that veg oriented meals is not nutritious comparatively with beef and others.And it was a conspiracy of Brahminacal forces to make people week especially down trodden ones.

Forest department does not oppose when while boars hunted,so make use of it along with beef eating.Some tribals who attended there were also admitted that they were strong enough when used the beef and wild animals in their diet.The news naturally enraged certain sections to submit a memorandum to initiate stringent action against him.Today's papers carried a news that state government has asked him to give answer in the respect.

The weaker sections are also taking their side to support the collector in the issue.It's really a testing time for the state government in which side to be favor .However in a day or two,result will come out.Rants and raves began from both sides to moot the subject further.After bifurcation Telangana state comparatively remained cool in terms of administration.There is  hardly any surge from opposition blocks.Let's see how it would  get turned in course of time.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Who said words wouldn't save lives....?

Experience is ultimate in one's life.Maybe read volumes of science or social related books.Assimilated to the core in addition.Had heard every sweet talk that soothes every pore in the body.Sometimes what we thought of mere superstition could help us like no other thing rescued us.Then the human being utterly get obedient to that spirit whatever the rest of the world commented over it.Why ..? my experience proved it,my life had that touch and remained as it and no other force or word made up my mind and body as well.That could be nothing to you but everything for my life.

Because when life goes,you or your so called prudent words or self development quotes or psychological reasonings could not save me.But only one sentence as the last resort ,rejuvenated my spirits to this day.Yes.Once upon a time,I was in a deep depression.In fact,after all severe thinking and intellectual analysis,no way myself reached to be.Each corner looked devilish.My friends,relatives and others counselled me in different ways.No.No use.There was the same vacuum.Same feel.Same dejectedness.

It was like nothing.No prior experience to tackle it.Of course,all human efforts completed.Was on the edge of  life,Last moment.Last decision.At that moment,One of my relatives handed me a book titled "AnushTana Vedantamu" ( Practical Vedanta) authored by Swami Vivekananda,at the outset or entered through flipping the book,my eyes saw a prominent sentence i.e., "Worn out than rust out" , with enthusiasm I read all that substance and trust me.That substance rekindled my life.Gathered my strength both in mind and body.Yes,I should die in doing some work than dieng in secret not withstanding my agony,I decided then.Yes,it never discouraged till now ,in addition more strength gathering in me.

This happened some decades back.Almost a twenty years.Still going with indomitable happiness.And no other thing provided me the same thing.I visited Belur math and meditated on the land where Swami Vivekananda did his.Now when I thought of it,how bubble like the life is,an inner voice keeps telling me.But a  real Guru in real time comes into your life.That's what I can tell you now,whatever you thought of me,sorry,I just don't care as I know what happened in me is my only experience that only installed me to live my life as it is.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Why political corruption not a big issue for people..?

In our country, everybody seems to hate corruption.Go through any paper,we can see the news regarding it.Employees of various departments,be it of central government or state government.The accused officers were being interrogated by ACB or other ones for amassing disproportionate  assets were seen in the newspapers.I note it keenly,all the assets recovered or found could have been hardly some 5 or 6 crores of rupees and a little bit higher in some cases.Of course it could be of some thousands or hundreds ironically.Bribe is bribe,crime is crime irrespective of amount whether it is big or small.That's fair.It should be done without mercy.They have to be crushed and condemned.

It's not my problem.A big doubt ,always dogged me.Why this activism not performed against political people,they could be of any party.People know their corruption .Everybody discusses openly in the hotels,centers and other places.Why no one go to ACB or any other to complain it..?You don't have to go anywhere else,just  see persons around your place,one political activist starts his life with barely  hand to mouth,once he got elected as corporator simply he spins lakhs of rupees in a couple of years.sometimes crores.No doubt.Once he becomes MLA, within 5 years of time,he earns hundreds of crores.

What to say about ministers and Chief Ministers ..? Some thousands of crores are their earning evidently seen in various forms Properties in the name of benamies.Even people afraid of them to complain against them though they knew it very well.Sometimes opposition party try to fix them in the part of political game,all these will be loosen when deals set right in favour.Both big parties need each other.They have power alternately.So safe game is played for their ends.

See late Jayalalitha,who was being praised by people with many great names amassed the gold,wealth and other properties in large quantity,whose is this,the common people's.But people have kindness to forgive it.Sasikala now became the caretaker of all those assets by God's play.This is only one incident,come to others,take Chandrababu Naidu,he possessed only two acres of land when he entered the politics,go and ask any bypasser in Andhra,you will be awe to know the worth of his assets in India and aabroad.Jagan too no exception.Worse to all is they have chain of medias to make their propaganda.

Not only down south,go to any state in North,situation is the same.political corruption is growing leaps and bounds.People also tolerating it as a common issue,not seen as a serious one.Corruption worth small amounts are highlighted and getting jailed occasionally.But political corruption worth larger sums neglected.Even in case jailed,happily come out from jails and courts to enjoy the plundered money.And their sons and daughters get powered with this colossal amount of money to ridicule the spirit of democracy.