Sunday, 5 March 2017

Who said words wouldn't save lives....?

Experience is ultimate in one's life.Maybe read volumes of science or social related books.Assimilated to the core in addition.Had heard every sweet talk that soothes every pore in the body.Sometimes what we thought of mere superstition could help us like no other thing rescued us.Then the human being utterly get obedient to that spirit whatever the rest of the world commented over it.Why ..? my experience proved it,my life had that touch and remained as it and no other force or word made up my mind and body as well.That could be nothing to you but everything for my life.

Because when life goes,you or your so called prudent words or self development quotes or psychological reasonings could not save me.But only one sentence as the last resort ,rejuvenated my spirits to this day.Yes.Once upon a time,I was in a deep depression.In fact,after all severe thinking and intellectual analysis,no way myself reached to be.Each corner looked devilish.My friends,relatives and others counselled me in different ways.No.No use.There was the same vacuum.Same feel.Same dejectedness.

It was like nothing.No prior experience to tackle it.Of course,all human efforts completed.Was on the edge of  life,Last moment.Last decision.At that moment,One of my relatives handed me a book titled "AnushTana Vedantamu" ( Practical Vedanta) authored by Swami Vivekananda,at the outset or entered through flipping the book,my eyes saw a prominent sentence i.e., "Worn out than rust out" , with enthusiasm I read all that substance and trust me.That substance rekindled my life.Gathered my strength both in mind and body.Yes,I should die in doing some work than dieng in secret not withstanding my agony,I decided then.Yes,it never discouraged till now ,in addition more strength gathering in me.

This happened some decades back.Almost a twenty years.Still going with indomitable happiness.And no other thing provided me the same thing.I visited Belur math and meditated on the land where Swami Vivekananda did his.Now when I thought of it,how bubble like the life is,an inner voice keeps telling me.But a  real Guru in real time comes into your life.That's what I can tell you now,whatever you thought of me,sorry,I just don't care as I know what happened in me is my only experience that only installed me to live my life as it is.

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